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    Fulvio Traglio

    July 14, 2018

    From start to finish was handled with care and Alex explained the process and what was expected of me in a way that made me feel comfortable. Thank you Alex

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    January 6, 2018

    Alex is excellent!! Always available to answer my questions. Picking up the phone even during the weekends or in his time off. Very thorough with regard to every detail. This is why Alex was able to obtain my loan fast, ahead of time. I highly recommend Alex Doce to everyone who needs a loan fast and easy.

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    January 18, 2017

    The start of my home buying process started out smoothly enough, but quickly began to snowball into confusion and difficulty due to an overzealous realtor who wanted to shoehorn me into using his preferred lenders and title company. After the initial sticker shock from the lender he recommended, I went looking for somebody else who wasn't going to charge me double what i had expected to pay - and that's when I came across Alex. From the beginning, Alex impressed me with both his transparency, and his knowledge of the field. I didn't know much as this is my first home purchase, and it has been an incredibly frustrating experience dealing with a realtor from hell - but Alex has guided me every step of the way - giving me excellent advice on what to expect from the process as well as how to handle it. As my closing date nears, it has become incredibly clear to me that had I not met Alex - I would have likely paid thousands more not just up front, but over the course of the loan and I implore everybody buying a home to contact Mr. Doce as he will work tirelessly for YOU and always look out for YOUR best interests. This gentlemen is a tremendous asset to his company - and more importantly, an incredible asset to have on your side.

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    June 16, 2016

    I found Alex on Zillow while searching for a lender in Miami to finance an investment property. I was very impressed by the positive reviews on Zillow and other websites. They speak volume of him and all are true. He is very responsive and knowledgable of the ins and outs of this industry. This purchase was one of a kind! But he managed to close the loan on time. Thanks Alex for your hard work. I will definitely use your service again in the near future!

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    December 12, 2012

    Alex is very experienced and efficient, easy to work with also.Alex assisted me on refinancing numerous properties over the years; Alex always follows through to completion.

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    April 28, 2015

    Very pleasant and quick to respond to questions and emails. Planning to work with him again soon. Very professional and pleasant to deal with. Helped us refinance our apartment. We got delayed in the process and he helped us lock down the rate dispite of the delay

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    October 30, 2015

    A few weeks ago I started in the efforts to buy my first home. My Real Estate agent recommended Mr. Alex Doce to me. However, before I contacted him I went to my main street Bank and my Credit Union. The interest rates in both were mostly the same, but the time to get their attention (in person attention) was long… Actually I’m still waiting a call back from my Credit Union. Finally I contacted Alex. In a 20 minutes phone conversation he provided an estimated (accurate estimate) of what my qualification amount was and the different options of down payment – interest rate that were available.Finally I agreed to work with him and after I had all the paperwork submitted, the whole loan process took no more than 3 weeks. That time included a couple of changes to accommodate my negotiations in the price of the home I finally purchased.During the process Alex and his team were great. As I mention this was my first time buying experience and even if you go ahead and do your homework reading about the process, it’s always a good idea to count with some body to guide you. Alex was patient enough the educate me and answer any kind of questions I had (a lot of questions and many more “what if “).As a first time experience I can’t be more pleased with the performance of Alex. Easy process, any time availability and on time results. If you are looking to finance your home, give Alex a chance and he will deliver!!!Thanks Alex and the Peoples Bank team!!!HT

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    December 23, 2014

    I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am to have found Alex Doce. Since the first moment I contacted Alex to start the processing of the approval of the loan he was super clear about how the process was going to take place, he took the time you give me a check list of all the things that I was going to need to provide so I could start organizing everything little by little. He really answered all the questions I had throughout the entire application, he even went above and beyond helping me when I was having problems understanding the seller requests, and the doubts I had that other people could not fully explain to me. Alex always delivered everything before all the deadlines, he would promise us a date and would always be ready way before the promise date. Alex dedicated an incredible amount of extra working hours to our file so that it could be approved very fast due to the necessity I had to close as soon as possible. He really transmitted a very good energy to me and I knew I could trust in him 100%, he is extremely professional and you can tell that he is one of the few loan officers that really knows what he is doing and the CORRECT WAY to do things. He even surprised me with a lower interest rate for my loan and gave me a very generous rebate to help out with closing costs. I could not be happier with such an amazing service and will be coming back to Alex for all future transactions.

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    November 27, 2017

    Working with Alex was the best!!! As simple as that. If you are looking for someone with very high ethic standards this is the man. He will work for YOU! he will find the best for your interest, he is not there just for a commission or just another transaction. He is very knowledgeable in the industry, he will give you a good insight of the industry how everything works and give you great advice the transaction you are working on. I worked with him on a refinance and a purchase and both got done within 3 months! Whatever question you have he will answer very promptly (I mean the same day)!!! My experience with prior Mortgage broker was horrible; with that being said: Yes, I will work with Alex on any other future transaction... because I felt in good hands working with him and I do not expect the same treatment from anyone else! THANKS A LOT ALEX!

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    xray theory

    November 6, 2017

    I found Alex while searching for a loan officer on Yelp. I chose him due to all of the high reviews he had received. I feel VERY lucky to have found him. He responded to our messages promptly, the same day. He was always accessible the entire time, along with his mortgage team members Sarah and Jade. He is very knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of a real estate transaction. I would go as far as to say he knows more than even an expert realtor. Buying a house can be very stressful and Alex's knowledge and expertise working with clients helped put us at ease. The quality of service I received from Jade and Sarah was exceptional as well. A lot of situations can arise during a home purchase and Alex always fought for what was in our best interests. He really proved that for him his clients come first. He truly was a breath of fresh air and I will only use him for any other home loan needs I may have in the future. Thank you Alex!!

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    November 6, 2017

    Work relocated us to Miami. I googled "top 10 mortgage brokers in Miami". Alex was #1 with so many good recommendations. I emailed him, he called me within 2 minutes. Communication was very smooth, so were doc requirements. We worked on a pre-approval, which was issued very shortly after. Throughout the whole process, Alex made himself available to our realtor, the seller and us. This ensured a full transparency between all parties. 30 years in the business might explain why it worked so well. A younger or green mortgage broker would have never managed to land what Alex did. I strongly recommend Alex for any home financing or refinancing.

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    May 30, 2017

    We just closed on our first apartment and could not be happier with Alex and People’s Bank services. We first contacted Alex a few weeks ago, after reading reviews online, and now we can proudly count ourselves amongst his lucky and thankful clients. Since the first day, he has been most helpful and attentive, giving us timely and accurate instructions and recommendations. He is always available and straightforward, which are great qualities in a process full of uncertainties such as buying a property. We are first time home buyers, self-employed and young, a combination of things that could potentially make a loan harder to get. Alex and his team dealt with all our questions and made the process completely manageable, they took care of the underwriting and administrative work with care, and informed us of everything. Their input and experience, along with our agent’s professionalism, got us to close the deal today. It’s too soon to think about buying another property, but we would certainly call him again, and in the meantime we hope many potential homebuyers can benefit from his expertise.

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    January 5, 2017

    Alex is an excellent and seasoned professional, and has a vast experience in the Real State business as a Mortgage Banker; also, he has an external broad knowledge of the property market (areas, buildings) and internally, in terms of the process involved with buying a new home (loan options, rates, time frames, etc). I am very happy with all the help that Alex provided me during the whole purchasing process; he is always on when you need, and responds very fast to all inquiries and questions, he closed my loan in 3 weeks aprox. All I have to say then is... Thank you very much Alex!!!

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    December 15, 2016

    I never thought I would write a glowing review about a mortgage broker, but Alex Doce and his team at Peoples Bank are top notch. As small business owners, my husband and I rely on consultants to help assess the possibilities, provided knowledge, give options and illuminate the areas of concern. Alex Doce does all the above and what I find most refreshing is he comes from what I call “a place of yes!” We had a successful transaction, and a positive relationship throughout the buying process. We would highly recommend him to all our friends and business associates. His whole team seemed invested in our success. We really appreciate that.

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    October 20, 2016

    Alex Doce was prompt, professional, and courteous. I can’t thank him enough for all of the help in securing a loan for our new condo in Doral, FL. He was patient, thorough, as well as kind, which made all of the difference in our interactions with him. He kept the ball rolling and the process was completed in the time frame promised. There were absolutely no surprises at settlement. Hard to find such a true professional that treats people as human beings rather than just another home loan customer. An excellent job, our hats off to you, sir!

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    September 27, 2016

    We were first time home buyers and were very overwhelmed by the amount of choices and things to consider that could have made buying a house a long, hard process. We knew we needed an experienced, trustworthy broker. We asked around and our good friend spoke highly of Alex Doce. From the first phone call we knew we found the right person to help us. We had so many questions about everything. Alex’s experience and knowledge of everything involved in securing a loan and everything else involved in buying a house was vital to our smooth, successful closing. He knew everything!! And believe me we asked everything about everything! His guidance and expertise made us feel secure and well informed during the whole process. Alex is a true professional. He was always available even on late nights and weekends. He went above and beyond in all aspects of our home buying experience. Look far and wide and you will not find a better broker. Without a doubt, we would highly recommend Alex Doce to any of our friends and family. And when the occasion arises that we need to start this process again, there is no one else we would consider calling. Thank you for everything Alex!!

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    September 25, 2016

    Being a first time home buyer, there was an overwhelming amount of choices and variables to consider that could have made buying a house a very challenging process. We knew we would need an experienced broker that we could trust. Alex Doce came highly recommended by a good friend and after working together we understand why. From the beginning of the process, Alex’s knowledge and understanding of everything involved in buying a house was priceless. His guidance and expertise made us feel at ease and comfortable during every step. Alex’s hard work and professionalism was above and beyond anything we could have hoped for. He followed up with us on late nights and weekends and even after our closing. Being first time buyers, we asked a lot of questions. His patience and promptness was always greatly appreciated. We would highly recommend Alex Doce to any of our family and friends. We hope to stay in our new house for many years to come, but when we decide to buy another house there is no one else we would possibly consider to handle our loan. Thank you Alex!!

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    August 17, 2016

    Imagine this, I had to close on a house purchase with-in a month or be forced to renew a lease. I hadn't purchased a home in over 10 years, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Then, I met Alex, who guided me through the bank loan process with efficiency. Alex is a very hard working, articulate, Mortgage broker. He is the type of broker you want on your side with any purchase.Just a personal side note, Alex would follow up with me on weekends, which is something that endeared me to Alex. Being very knowledgeable about the field of work he is in, he always (Thankfully) gave me very savvy advice that saved me money. I highly recommend him (and will) for any purchase.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    July 13, 2016

    I can recommend Alex Doce as a mortgage broker without reservations: he worked with us in our purchase of a property, and we were impressed by how Alex took us from loan application to a successful closing in a short time, securing a great interest rate and low closing costs. He was always responsive and looking for solutions, and ironing out any problems along the way. We had the impression Alex was always going above and beyond in order for us to complete our purchase in a loan that had a few challenges. He was always proactive requiring information and anticipating any problems with the bank. We were also pleased to work with other professionals he recommended (realtor, insurance agent) and their service and professionalism were also outstanding.Alex's responsiveness, knowledge, and follow through exceeded our expectations in every way. We would not hesitate to recommend Alex Doce to anyone looking for an excellent mortgage broker.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    May 18, 2016

    I just went through and exhaustive home buying process, but thanks to Alex Doce and his team at Peoples Bank, at the end, i got the house that i wanted at the right price.He was on top of everything since day 1 and he kept me well informed of everything that happen along the process. Alex never gave up on us, even things got very tough and we thought we would lose the home. He fought for us to the end to get us loan approval. I highly recommend Alex Doce to everyone that is in the market for a new home.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    April 17, 2016

    Alex Doce is a personal hero of mine; he helped me with all my mortgage needs. Last year, I was planning to refinance my house, and he did his part in a timely manner. After everything was ready for the refinance, I elected not to pursue it because I decided to downsize my house instead. He didn't charge me for his service and was very patient and helpful. I then had a very short time period to find a new home; Alex Doce helped me out again, in a very timely manner to quickly move into my new home, by preparing everything needed, in 20 days, I was in my new home thanks to him, even the seller was amazed by how quickly we moved in.He's very organized, on top of things, I've known him for 15 years, always accessible, and I can't recommend him enough.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    March 29, 2016

    Alex Doce is a true professional!! We decided to contact Alex based on the reviews from Zillow and although we were hesitant as we had already try the regular name brand banks, Alex really delivered and we couldn't be happier with the choice we made. We are extremely impressed by his immediate response, his wiliness to help and always available to answer any questions. I'll recommend Alex to any one looking into financing or re-financing their property. Thanks Alex and the Peoples Bank team!!!

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    March 11, 2016

    I would not hesitate to recommend Alex and his team. He helped me out to refinance my mortgage loan and I do not have anything but satisfactory opinions about Alex and his work. He is a very knowledgeable professional that helps you out throughout the entire process to understand every detail. Alex is a true gentleman who works very hard to get the job done; available at any time you need him, not letting a question without an answer. Always guided me to choose the best option in my interest. Respectful, helpful, ethical, organized, easygoing; without any doubt, he is the best in the market. Thank you Alex.

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    April 13, 2015

    Alex, muchas gracias por toda la ayuda que nos brindo en la compra de nuestra casa desde el primer momento que nos empezo a ayudar hasta el final, con las dificultades que tuvimos , siempre estuvo ahi para ayudarnos en todas las preguntas que tuvimos, si alguien esta comprando una casa no dude en contactar al senor Alex, el estoy seguro sera la persona adecuada para colaborarles, nuevamente gracias, usted es el mejor Eduardo Granados

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    April 10, 2015

    Alex Doce is a true professional. I contacted Alex on a Saturday afternoon for information regarding re-financing my home. I was extremely impressed by his immediate response. Alex walked me through the entire process, if I had any questions at anytime he would answer them. He never sounded exhausted by all my questions. He answered each question clearly and made me feel at peace through the entire process. I've recommended Alex to one of my co-workers already and would recommend him to my family and friends. By the way, the interest rate he promised was the interest rate I saw at the closing and the closing went very smoothly (15-20 minutes) max. Thank you Alex!!!

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    April 9, 2015

    We met Alex in 2013 when we were using another Mortgage broker and he was representing the seller in one of the offers we had placed. He was extremely professional and helpful even though he was not our broker.This year we decided to refinance and we call Alex and we are very gald that we did. We was very responsive and helpful in the process and we are very happy with our new terms.We would certainly recommend Alex to anyone and we will contact him again if we need his services.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    February 13, 2015

    Alex is amongst the best in the business. Me and my partner were referred to him by a friend who has worked with him on a closing. I have to say that him and his team were absolutely fantastic!. He is knowledgeable, personable and highly professional. Not only we were informed every step throughout the process but the speed that he facilitated the closing process was also amazing. As a first time home buyers all the mortgage stuff was alien to us and Alex simplified it soo much. Exceptionally professional and more important a genuine person. He really went above and beyond ours expectations. Thanks Alex to make our home possible we are so grateful to have met you.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce

    tim elfrink

    January 12, 2015

    We are first time home buyers and Alex Doce worked with us to secure a mortgage. He was thorough in guiding us through the process, professional in dealing with every piece of the deal and responsive to our questions and concerns. We weren't particularly sophisticated about what type of mortgage we wanted or even what kind of property we wanted. We found Alex to be immensely knowledgeable on both those topics, particularly in Miami's ever-shifting real estate market. As we searched for a house and a mortgage, Alex was always available to talk us through our confusion. After we found the right home, we hit some speed bumps in actually closing on the property. It was a frustrating time, but Alex was very active in helping navigate the problems until we finally finished the deal. I'd highly recommend him to other buyers, whether first time home owners or Miami real estate veterans.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    January 2, 2015

    Alex Doce is a superstar amongst loan officers. My loan was difficult and complicated. He guided me through the intricacies of dealing with the credit reporting companies and he got me an incredible deal, all the while putting up with my constant questions and requests for information. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is very knowledgeable, compassionate, kind, patient and a credit to Sage Bank, who are very lucky to have him. I worked with him 25 years ago and even after all those years I came back to him because I remembered how great it was to work with him so long ago. You will not go wrong with Alex. I recommend him to any and everyone - he will guide you through your loan procedure and make sure your closing is seamless, as mine was today. He searches for the best deal for you and works so very hard to achieve the loan that will suit you best. Alex, thank you for everything. I cannot tell you how impressed and happy I am to have worked with you on my loan.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    December 19, 2014

    El dia que me lo presentaron no imagine que seria un dia tan importante en mi vida, porque en muy poco tiempo, Alex Doce me ayudo a realizar uno de los sueños mas grandes que tenia: comprar la casa para mi familia.Su experiencia y su disponibilidad hicieron posible que un proceso que generalmente es agotador resultara mucho mas sencillo. Si como yo, esta tratando de alcanzar su sueño, Alex es la persona correcta para hacerlo, sin el no hubiera sido posible,

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    December 15, 2014

    Alex Doce was the best loan officer that we could have choosen to buy our first property. He was a great help throughout the whole process, which was unknown to us. He is very knowledgeable and very responsive. Sometimes we felt he was only working for us; he responds to emails and phone calls on a very very very timely fashion. He got response to all of our questions and if he didn't he would get us one within minutes. We highly recommend Alex if you wanna have an excellent experience when getting your loan. Don't doubt it.. Give him a call and experience it yourself.THANK YOU ALEX!!! We will definately contact you for our next purchase !!!

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    Gustavo and Natalie

    July 12, 2018

    We highly recommend Alex for his experience and willingness to help in every step of the process. Alex was excellent! Always available to take our calls and answering our questions even on weekends and after hours. We were extremely fortunate to work with Alex and we greatly appreciate he had our best interest and always offered valuable advice.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce

    A. R.

    April 8, 2018

    I highly recommend Alex since he knows exactly what he is doing and he will not promise you something that he can't provide. He also knows the rules very well - Our mortgage application was complicated and other mortgage specialists were not even able to tell us where to start but Alex knew the plan right from the beginning. He closed the loan very quickly without a hitch. As long as you can keep up with his fast pace he can close the deal as soon as you can even imagine!

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    April 2, 2018

    I contacted Alex based on yelp reviews, n I'm really glad n happy I did, the stars didn't lie. He answered all my questions days and nights. He was really helpful during the process and even after. I had some issues with the seller and Alex was still there to help. If it's your first time to purchase or not, hire Alex you really won't be disappointed. ALEX IS THE BEST!!!

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    Nilton Nogueira

    January 10, 2018

    Having made a cash purchase for an apartment after my lending application fell through in the last minute due to a condo insurance requirement imposed by the lender, I got in touch with Alex Doce from Fairway through a referral from my financial advisor who strongly recommend Alex as agent for a refinance loan. And I couldn’t be happier with my decision of working with Alex and Fairway. Throughout the entire process, Alex acted with extreme professionalism and competence, taking care of every detail and being on top of every step along the way. He started by addressing the issue related to the condo insurance requirements to make sure this hurdle was removed and then worked very closely with other Fairway team member and me, always providing me the necessary guidance through the process, which was crucial in my case since I am self-employed and lenders requirements for self-employed are in general much more stringent. The end result was a surprisingly smooth approval process that resulted with my loan application being approved. I must highlight the stark difference between my experience with Alex and Fairway and that my previous experience with a different lender when I was put through a tumultuous and obscure approval process and was left in the dark during the entire process just to learn in the last minute about the condo insurance requirement issue. In addition to managing the entire approval process, Alex also looked after the economics of my loan and saved me some money by locking my loan rate at the right time. I have no question that the professional and competent work of Alex and the other Fairway team members I dealt with, Jade Zoller and Laura Jutting, was decisive for the successful outcome of my loan application process. If you are looking for a mortgage lender, I strongly recommend Alex Doce and Fairway.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    August 10, 2017

    Alex doce did and excellent job in the whole process off finding the good deal, I really was a great help and his advice was very helpful thanks again EvianCuellar

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    July 21, 2017

    Alex did an excellent job in the whole process of finding the house we bought. It really was a great help and his advice was very helpful.. It was the first time working with all his team and did a very professional job.

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    Christophe Verbinnen

    June 22, 2017

    This was our family's first step into home ownership and Alex was a great help along the way. He helped us navigate the complex process and I felt like he was on our side from day one. Even more than my real estate agent! He closed so fast nobody could believe it! If I ever need to buy another house I will definitely use Alex and his team again!

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    May 18, 2017

    He did an excellent work with my case and was very responsible attending every detail of my case. I recommended. Was a really great experience buy my house through him.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    April 11, 2017

    Alex helped me to get my first home. He did a great job. Simple and fast. In less than a month I had everything done. Great service and very nice person. Highly recommended.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    March 6, 2017

    Alex locked my rate the day before Trump won, so I ended with a 0.50% lower rate than market, $2550 Banker unsolicited rebate, approved a very difficult loan, and on time. Answered tons of emails, texts and calls even late at night, early mornings and weekends. Stayed focused and on course throughout the transaction. When last minutes issues popped up regarding open permits Alex overcame all of them with flying colors.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    December 16, 2016

    Alex is excellent as a professional and as a person. Very dedicated to understanding our case, his help was extremely valuable to obtain our approval, without his dedication would not have been possible to obtain our new home. I recommend Alex to anyone who is looking for a very Knowledgeable professional and to get excellent attention and treatment.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    November 5, 2016

    Incredible!!! A broker that cares and goes beyond your expectations... Great at what he does and at helping you in becoming a homeowner. Will always recommend him for anyone going through this process.... Thank you Alex!

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    August 22, 2016

    I have to say that Alex exceeded my expectations! He was very thorough and a huge help. He guided me every step of the way and was always available....yes even nights and weekends!Unfortunately I lost my job and was not able to purchase a home but, as soon as I get my ducks in a row I will reach out to him again! :)

  • Reviews for Alex Doce

    patrice vaucher

    August 1, 2016

    I found Alex via my real State since I decided to buy a condo. Alex was able to guide me through the process since this was my first purchase. I was very happy with the Customer Service , know how, follow up he has provided. Definitively, if I need to get in to a new loan I will be reaching Alex. Thanks for the hard work.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    July 14, 2016

    I reached out to Alex feeling desperate because i had two negative experiences with lending officers and I had already picked out the home of my dreams. I can't begin to share how incredible Alex and his team was with me. I am a single mom with my own practice so buying a home seemed like an overwhelming endeavor. After working with two other brokers (including my own bank!) i was ready to throw in the towel. I called Alex and he immediately answered the phone and gave me suggestions of how to move forward. You can't imagine the relief I felt that i had someone on my side! Buying a home is an overwhelming endeavor and you need someone that is going to truly guide you through the process. That is what Alex did for me! As we took on this journey together we were met with many roadblocks which Alex was more than willing to take on with me. For example, Alex attempted to get the best deal for me by applying for different loans while still trying to meet our closing deadline. I mean NO ONE does that- that is a major undertaking! But Alex and his team did that for me! Not only did he take all of this on, he did it with grace and confidence. Again, I think if i were working with someone else I would not have my home. I take that back, I don't think, I KNOW. As all this was happening (running two loan applications) the sellers pushed for an earlier closing date. They threatened that they had a cash offer pending. I PANICKED. Alex always calmed me down and reassured me that we could meet their request. WE DID! Again, going through this for the first time, I wasn't prepared for all complications that could arise. Alex was always there to help me through these tough moments and really went out to bat for me when I felt some major pushback from seller's attorney. I am not sure how I could repay Alex and his team for what they did for me. Again, it wasn't only acquiring the loan, it was the emotional stability i felt in taking on such a massive endeavor. It is so nice to feel that you have a team you could trust-that’s available and reliable. I am not exaggerating when i say that Alex always answers his phone. And his team is also exceptional. They are also readily available to guide you through the process. If you want to close on your property you really need to work with Alex!

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    May 15, 2016

    Within 2 months of contacting Alex, my parents were able to buy a condo. I almost gave up this opportunity because other brokers told me my parents needed almost 40K in order to buy it. Alex was the only broker to magically make this loan work. Him and his teammates have a great work ethic. I would definitely recommend him. Thank you for everything Alex ! My parents and I couldn't thank you enough!Yani F.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    February 18, 2016

    We were referred to Alex by our realtor. being out of state buyers we didn't know any mortgage brokers in Florida. Alex its a try gentlemen. Always courteous and always polite. But most of all, Alex works so hard to get the job done. He was working weekends regularly so we could close on time. He is truly dedicated to his work and his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Alex.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    February 14, 2016

    Alex helped us with our first time purchase of a new house and even with a tight deadline it was a true please working with him. He is extremely knowledgeable and has an extremely fast response time to issues.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    December 17, 2015

    I had met Alex while he was living in the Boston area. I had tried to refinance a loan with him before but after looking at the numbers he explained to me why it was not a good idea for me to proceed. Another mortgage broker might have been happy to take the commission but Alex had my best interest at heart and stopped me from making a mistake. When my wife and I found our home we tried 3 local (Boston) mortgage 'professionals' who basically wanted to have a website do the work for them and were unable or unwilling to help me (I cannot mention the 3 banks but they would do well if they had more people like Alex working for them instead of the bozos that lost them my business!) Alex had moved to Florida a few years back and naturally was not on my radar at the time. I decided to call him up to see if he knew of anyone that could help my unique situation. To my surprise he said he would try and help out himself. His team took on the challenge and immediately started helping out. They sent a detailed list of what they needed and within days were able to find a workable solution. We are living in our dream home largely through his efforts and because Alex and his team went above and beyond. My wife gave birth 4 days before our closing and during this incredibly hectic and difficult time, Alex went out of his way to make sure that everything was ready for us. He is the utmost professional and extremely responsive. His team took the time to understand the problems I faced (I won't bore you with the details but being a naturalized citizen and having the down payment money coming from overseas created some unique challenges). His understanding of the laws allowed us to find a way to purchase our home, not to mention saving me a considerable sum on my taxes.I really cannot thank him enough. Do yourself a favor and work with him.

  • Reviews for Alex Doce


    December 17, 2015

    Wow...I don't even know where to start with this. Basically, I am a first-time homebuyer who wanted an apartment in Brickell. I was advised by a million different banks that my mortgage loan would be near-impossible, but I'm the type of person who doesn't take no for an answer.Buying a condo in Brickell with less than 25% down is seriously unheard of. I could only afford 20%, and Alex assured me that we'd be able to get the job done -- he said, "Allison. I haven't had a loan denied in nine years." After reading hundreds of reviews raving about his ability to close even the most difficult loans, I cut ties with every other bank and loan officer I was working with and invested all of my trust in Alex. And thank god I did.I won't say there weren't bumps in the road. This type of complicated loan, of course, comes with its trials and tribulations. There were issues with condo reserves, underwriter questions, debt-to-income ratios and more BUT, Alex and his incredible assistant Sarah Alvers were there with me and my husband every step of the way. I literally harassed this team and I'm sure they never want to hear from me again, but they never, ever made me feel bad for my seemingly unending questions and provided stellar customer service throughout the mortgage process.My other favorite part of working with Alex and Sarah was how organized they were. When you're making a major life decision like buying a home and investing all of your savings in one place, you want structure. Not only that, but you need to know what's going on at all times and where you stand with paperwork, required items, signatures and approvals. This team has an online portal where all of your things are neatly stored away and accessible at all times. I LOVED that. I have a million other amazing things I could say but the bottom line is this: if you need a mortgage loan, you have to use Alex Doce. He is genuinely the best in the business and always gets the job done. There are so many factors that go into choosing the right mortgage loan originator for you, but the most important piece is actually closing the loan.Alex Doce always close the loan. So impressed and more importantly, obsessed with my new apartment. This truly would not have been possible without Alex and Sarah.

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    January 21, 2015

    As a first-time home buyer, Alex Doce was exceptional at explanation, honest and clear communication and staying in touch throughout the lending process. There were no mysteries, we could always reach him with questions. His expertise was incredible and his rapport with our real estate agent made purchasing our first home go well. He came recommended from a friend, and we hope to recommend him to other friends.

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    April 19, 2018

    I would like to strongest Reccomend his services. Alex is always available for any question you may need. Is very simple works with him, everything is clear since the begining of the operation. His first call to us was a Sunday Morning, that detail speaks about his compromise with his job. Thank you Alex! Gustavo & Emilia.

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    Claire Picard

    July 4, 2018

    Examplary follow up of our file, clear questions from engagement to closing, excellent planning: Alex is committed and delivered. I will recommend Alex without any hesitation and i will use Alex' services again.

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    Ana Velkovski

    May 12, 2018

    Very professional, he helped us a lot throughout all the proccess and we are very greatfull we chose to work with him.

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    Vele Velkovski

    May 12, 2018

    His selfless commitment, knowledge, professionalism, patience. He was always there when we needed advice, to answer our questions and most important the final numbers were great for us to get our first home! Very thankful to Mr. Doce and his team!

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    Carlos Calvo

    May 6, 2018

    Alex Doce is a very attentive agent with very positive ideas. I appreciate all his hard work in helping us to get our refinance mortgage quickly with a great rate. I would recommend him very highly to my friends and family.

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    Hen Kamil

    May 6, 2018

    Speed, care and attention to detail allowed us to close incredibly fast. less than 3 weeks.