I am a first-time homebuyer who wanted [a condo] in Brickell. I was advised by a million different banks that my mortgage loan would be near impossible, but I’m the type of person who doesn’t take no for an answer. Buying a condo in Brickell with less than 25% down is seriously unheard of. I could only afford 20%, and Alex assured me that we’d be able to get the job done. . . . After reading hundreds of reviews raving about his ability to close even the most difficult loans, I cut ties with every other bank and loan officer I was working with and invested all of my trust in Alex. And thank God I did. I won’t say there weren’t bumps in the road; this type of complicated loan, of course, comes with its trials and tribulations. There were issues with condo reserves, underwriter questions, debt-to-income ratios and more, BUT Alex and his incredible assistant, Sarah, were there with me and my husband every step of the way. I literally harassed this team and I’m sure they never want to hear from me again, but they never, ever made me feel bad for my seemingly unending questions and provided stellar customer service throughout the mortgage process. My other favorite part of working with Alex and Sarah was how organized they were. When you’re making a major life decision like buying a home and investing all of your savings in one place, you want structure. Not only that, but you need to know what’s going on at all times and where you stand with paperwork, required items, signatures and approvals. This team has an online portal where all of your things are neatly stored away and accessible at all times. I LOVED that. I have a million other amazing things I could say but the bottom line is this: If you need a mortgage loan, you have to use Alex Doce. He is genuinely the best in the business and always gets the job done. There are so many factors that go into choosing the right mortgage loan originator for you, but the most important piece is actually closing the loan. Alex Doce always closes the loan. So impressed and, more importantly, obsessed with my new [condo]. This truly would not have been possible without Alex.
– Allison F.

. . . This was my fourth VA 30-year fixed loan in my 35-year military career, and Alex Doce was by far the best loan officer I have ever had the pleasure to work with! And on top of that, he saved me over $11,000 in closing costs. I actually got back $1,500 at closing – absolutely unheard of on a VA loan! Thank you, Alex!
– Jonathan S.

We just closed on our first apartment and could not be happier with Alex’s services. We first contacted Alex a few weeks ago, after reading reviews online, and now we can proudly count ourselves amongst his lucky and thankful clients. Since the first day, he has been most helpful and attentive, giving us timely and accurate instructions and recommendations. He is always available and straightforward, which are great qualities in a process full of uncertainties such as buying a property. We are first-time homebuyers, self-employed and young, a combination of things that could potentially make a loan harder to get. Alex and his team dealt with all our questions and made the process completely manageable. They took care of the underwriting and administrative work with care, and informed us of everything. Their input and experience, along with our agent’s professionalism, got us to close the deal today. It’s too soon to think about buying another property, but we would certainly call [Alex Doce] again; and in the meantime, we hope many potential homebuyers can benefit from his expertise.
– Ines H.

The start of my home buying process started out smoothly enough, but quickly began to snowball into confusion and difficulty due to an overzealous Realtor who wanted to shoehorn me into using his preferred lenders and title company. After the initial sticker shock from the lender he recommended, I went looking for somebody else who wasn’t going to charge me double what I had expected to pay – and that’s when I came across Alex Doce. From the beginning, Alex impressed me with both his transparency, and his knowledge of the field. I didn’t know much as this is my first home purchase, and it has been an incredibly frustrating experience dealing with a Realtor from hell, but Alex has guided me every step of the way – giving me excellent advice on what to expect from the process as well as how to handle it. As my closing date nears, it has become incredibly clear to me that had I not met Alex, I would have likely paid thousands more not just up front, but over the course of the loan. I implore everybody buying a home to contact Alex Doce as he will work tirelessly for YOU and always look out for YOUR best interests. This gentleman is a tremendous asset to his company and, more importantly, an incredible asset to have on your side.
– Stephan M.

We were first-time homebuyers and were very overwhelmed by the amount of choices and things to consider that could have made buying a house a long, hard process. We knew we needed an experienced, trustworthy broker. We asked around and our good friend spoke highly of Alex Doce. From the first phone call, we knew we found the right person to help us. We had so many questions about everything. Alex’s experience and knowledge of everything involved in securing a loan and everything else involved in buying a house was vital to our smooth, successful closing. He knew everything – and believe me, we asked everything about everything! His guidance and expertise made us feel secure and well informed during the whole process. Alex is a true professional. He was always available, even on late nights and weekends. He went above and beyond in all aspects of our home buying experience. Look far and wide and you will not find a better broker. Without a doubt, we would highly recommend Alex Doce to any of our friends and family. And when the occasion arises that we need to start this process again, there is no one else we would consider calling. Thank you for everything, Alex!
– John S.

Alex Doce is like a shiny new Cadillac in a lot full of used cars. This man has done the impossible for us. My husband and I own a million-dollar beach house on the Jersey shore. We were at an interest rate of 6.7%. Wanting to take advantage of the plummeting rates, we attempted to refinance FIVE times with five different lenders, each promising that it would not be a problem. The problem is that my husband owns his own business. We would get to the middle or near the end of the grueling process only to be DENIED over and over again (mostly due to debt-to-income ratio). With each attempt to refinance, we were charged between $400-700 for appraisal and application fees, only to be rejected. We make plenty of money and have never been late on a payment. We cursed the banks, our government, the unfair persecution of business owners . . . and had given up hope. Then we were referred to Alex Doce. Forty-five days after first speaking with him, he closed on our loan. He was honest, professional, prompt and personable. He did not take a penny from us until he was certain that he could make the refinance happen. During the 45 days, I must have called him at least 45 times. He picked up the phone EVERY time and calmed my nerves. Thanks to Alex, our loan is now secured at a low interest rate for the next 30 years. Alex made the process seem effortless; however, we know that he went to battle for us. He took a beating, on our behalf, from the underwriters and quality control people who scrutinized every detail of our financial lives. We will be forever grateful to Alex for undertaking this seemingly impossible task. He has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars and has single-handedly improved our quality of life tremendously. We obviously would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a loan or refinance. He is a miracle worker!
– Sue B.

I had to close on a house purchase within a month or be forced to renew a lease. I hadn’t purchased a home in over ten years, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Then, I met Alex Doce, who guided me through the bank loan process with efficiency. Alex is a very hard working, articulate mortgage broker. He is the type of broker you want on your side with any purchase. Just a personal side note, Alex would follow up with me on weekends, which is something that endeared me to Alex. Being very knowledgeable about the field of work he is in, he always (thankfully) gave me very savvy advice that saved me money. I highly recommend him for any purchase.
– Jorge M.

I reached out to Alex Doce feeling desperate because I had two negative experiences with lending officers and I had already picked out the home of my dreams. I can’t begin to share how incredible Alex and his team [were] with me. I am a single mom with my own practice, so buying a home seemed like an overwhelming endeavor. After working with two other brokers (including my own bank!), I was ready to throw in the towel. I called Alex and he immediately answered the phone and gave me suggestions of how to move forward. You can’t imagine the relief I felt that I had someone on my side! Buying a home is an overwhelming endeavor and you need someone that is going to truly guide you through the process. That is what Alex did for me! As we took on this journey together, we were met with many roadblocks, which Alex was more than willing to take on with me. For example, Alex attempted to get the best deal for me by applying for different loans while still trying to meet our closing deadline. I mean NO ONE does that – that is a major undertaking! But Alex and his team did that for me! Not only did he take all of this on, he did it with grace and confidence. Again, I think if I were working with someone else, I would not have my home. I take that back, I don’t think, I KNOW. As all this was happening (running two loan applications), the sellers pushed for an earlier closing date. They threatened that they had a cash offer pending. I PANICKED. Alex always calmed me down and reassured me that we could meet their request. WE DID! Again, going through this for the first time, I wasn’t prepared for all [of the] complications that could arise. Alex was always there to help me through these tough moments and really went out to bat for me when I felt some major pushback from seller’s attorney. I am not sure how I could repay Alex and his team for what they did for me. Again, it wasn’t only acquiring the loan, it was the emotional stability I felt in taking on such a massive endeavor. It is so nice to feel that you have a team you could trust that’s available and reliable. I am not exaggerating when I say that Alex always answers his phone. His team is also exceptional – they are also readily available to guide you through the process. If you want to close on your property you really need to work with Alex!
– Julissa S.

I had met Alex Doce while he was living in the Boston area. I had tried to refinance a loan with him before, but after looking at the numbers, he explained to me why it was not a good idea for me to proceed. Another mortgage broker might have been happy to take the commission, but Alex had my best interest at heart and stopped me from making a mistake. When my wife and I found our home, we tried three local (Boston) mortgage ‘professionals’ who basically wanted to have a website do the work for them and were unable or unwilling to help me. (I cannot mention the three banks, but they would do well if they had more people like Alex working for them instead of the bozos that lost them my business!) Alex had moved to Florida a few years back and naturally was not on my radar at the time. I decided to call him up to see if he knew of anyone that could help my unique situation. To my surprise, he said he would try and help out himself. His team took on the challenge and immediately started helping out. They sent a detailed list of what they needed, and within days, were able to find a workable solution. We are living in our dream home largely through his efforts and because Alex and his team went above and beyond. My wife gave birth four days before our closing, and during this incredibly hectic and difficult time, Alex went out of his way to make sure that everything was ready for us. He is the utmost professional and extremely responsive. His team took the time to understand the problems I faced (I won’t bore you with the details, but being a naturalized citizen and having the down payment money coming from overseas created some unique challenges). His understanding of the laws allowed us to find a way to purchase our home, not to mention saving me a considerable sum on my taxes. I really cannot thank him enough. Do yourself a favor and work with him.
– Arman M.

I am a Realtor. I had a buyer interested in purchasing a condo and had already approached several mortgage brokers. All had said that my client would not be able to get financing for a variety of different reasons (excuses). When Alex told me he could get it done, I was skeptical as others said it was not possible. Not only did Alex get it done, he was amazingly responsive and guided my client through the mortgage process masterfully. From now on I won’t waste my time with other mortgage brokers, I’ll go straight to the guy that gets it done. Thank you, Alex!
– Roberto B.